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Big Block Chevy Serpentine Belt Conversion Kit for tall decks
Kit contents:
  • Seven high quality 6061-T6 heat-treated aluminum adapter plates, produced by computer controlled ultra-
    high-pressure water jet.
  • All nuts and bolts to attach the adapter plates to a big block Chevy (standard deck) engine. Note: Both 3/8
    and 7/16 bolts are included for the passenger side head, since the holes vary for different years.
  • Instructions with diagrams and pictures
Additional parts needed to complete the engine (not included in this kit):
  • Ideally, you would use driver side and passenger side aluminum drive brackets off of a 1994 Chevy 350 V8
    truck, with casting numbers 10118701 (driver's side) and 10118751 (passenger side). These are the
    brackets shown below. Notice that the passenger side bracket does not have an arm for mounting an air
    pump. Earlier passenger side brackets can be used as long as the idler and tensioner are positioned as
    shown below. Also notice the zigzag pattern ribs at the top of the driver's side bracket under the alternator.
    These brackets were used for other years and models too, including many V6's. A salvage yard or GM dealer
    may be able to help find them. See pictures. The passenger side bracket should include the idler and
  • Air conditioner compressor and pulley, alternator and pulley, and power steering pump and pulley off the
    donor engine. Note: A good reason to use the 1994 truck parts is that the compressor will use R134a
  • A water pump pulley off the donor engine. Do not use a pulley with a groove. The belt surface must be
    smooth. GM part number is 10085760.
  • A reverse rotation water pump off of a 1988-1999 454 engine. This is considered a “long” pump, and is 7
    5/16” from block to fan mounting surface.
  • A big-block crankshaft pulley, GM part number 10085753.
  • 6-rib serpentine belt approximately 98Long. This assumes the use of the 1994 truck brackets listed above
    and the belt routed inside the idler as shown below. If the idler is not used, a 97” belt should be used.
  • A new thermostat housing may be needed to allow the upper radiator hose to clear the alternator. The
    Chevelle shown below is using a swivel-neck housing. Upper radiator hose will probably need to change, but
    your vehicle's stock lower hose, may work
Mounting the plates
Plates attach to the three accessory holes on each head and to the two pairs of holes on either side of the timing
chain cover on the block. Long bolts go through the brackets and plates and thread into the outermost holes on
both cylinder heads.
Got a truck block, or a massive 572?
Get late model looks, reliability, and performance from your big Rat with same V6 or SBC V8
serpentine setup as the standard deck Rat uses. Special double-drilled lower plates move the
serpentine parts .400" to accommodate. Needs about 1" longer belt than standard deck.
Finished big block Chevy serpentine drive
1969 Chevelle SS396 with serpentine conversion kit
1969 Chevelle SS396 with serpentine conversion kit
1969 Chevelle SS396 with serpentine conversion kit
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Tall deck big block Chevy serpentine conversion kit
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Big block Chevy early serpentine conversion kit
Adapts early V8 or V6 serpentine brackets to BBC
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