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Truck (99-13) / Camaro (10-15) LS High and Tight AC Bracket

Truck (99-13) / Camaro (10-15) LS High and Tight AC Bracket

Item# K10291

Product Description

Mount the Sanden mini compressor “High and Tight.”

For LS engines with Truck/SUV (1999-2013) and Camaro (2010-15) crank pulley and water pump spacing.

A narrow AC bracket that mounts the “mini” Sanden SD7B10 (7176) compressor in front of the passenger’s side cylinder head.
The system is driven by one main 6-rib serpentine belt.

This configuration is perfect solution for LS swaps in:

  • Early trucks (pre-1955)
  • Jeeps
  • Classic street rods (pre1948)

Adobe pdf FileDownload Installation Instructions (Adobe pdf File)

What's included:
  • Bracket made of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum (brushed satin finish)
  • All necessary spacers and zinc coated fasteners
  • Automatic spring-style belt tensioner
What else is required to complete the installation:
  • GM LS Gen 3 or 4 engine with Truck/SUV (1999-2013) or Camaro (2010-15) harmonic balancer and water pump
  • Six-rib belt, See our included installation instructions for suggested lengths and Gates part numbers.
    • Complete Gates belt chart available here. GATES BELT CHART
    • Alternator rating and PS pulley diameters can change suggested lengths.
    • Always check tensioner marks for correct fitment.
  • Sanden “mini” AC compressor (also known as SD7B10)
  • View the SD7B10 (7176) AC compressor: (Kwik Performance PN 10266-01).
  • This AC compressor also requires a manifold style fitting kit
Why you should use a Kwik Performance product:
  • Properly engineered using OEM reference drawings
  • Computer tested with FEA (finite element analysis) software
  • Field tested on shop test engines and in real-world test vehicles
  • Backed by a no-hassle warranty and return policy
  • Tech support before, during and after the sale
Does the Sanden mini make enough cold air?
  • The short answer is yes!
  • A proper capacity AC condenser is the real hero keeping you cool when it’s hot out there.
  • The few exceptions to this would be 1960’s and later Suburbans and Station Wagons
    • Here is where you should start considering the larger compressor
Why relocate the AC compressor for an LS swap?
  • GM made a fantastic engine with the LS design, but they didn’t always put the accessories in the best location for us engine-swapping hotrodders.
    By locating the AC compressor in front of the passenger side cylinder head you solve the possible fender and frame clearance issues with vehicles such as:
    • Early trucks
      • Chevy Master (1933-42)
      • AK series (1941-47)
      • Advance Design (1947-55)
    • Jeeps
    • Early street rods (pre 1948)
Why use a genuine Sanden AC compressor?
  • Many OEM AC compressors are a “variable displacement” design and don’t work well with older OEM or aftermarket AC systems
  • The OEM compressors have a 4-groove pulley instead of the 6-groove needed when moving the compressor to a higher location
  • Sanden is the aftermarket standard for AC compressors, recommended by most major AC manufacturers
What driver’s side bracket works with this AC bracket?

Pictured above with the Kwik Performance Idler Relocation kit K10618 which allows you to use a low profile intake manifold and 2010+ Camaro water pump with OEM truck alternator/power-steering bracket.

Don't want to spend time modifying, cleaning and painting the OEM bracket? Our K10611 (also pictured) bracket allows you to reuse your alternator and truck "P-series" power steering pump. We also tucked the pump for added steering gear and A-arm clearance.

Consider pairing with our narrow Street Rod alternator/ (Type 2) power-steering bracket K10209 for those needing maximum side clearance

Alternatively, our Wide Mount alternator/ (Type 2) power-steering bracket K10168 allows more hood clearance and provides more steering gear / A-arm room.

  • Check dimensions for fender clearance if application is early Truck or Street Rod.

Works with your OEM alternator/power-steering bracket

  • LS Truck (1999-2013)
  • Camaros (2010-2015)

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