Truck (99-13) / Camaro (10-15) LS High and Tight AC Bracket

Truck (99-13) / Camaro (10-15) LS High and Tight AC Bracket

Item# K10291

Product Description

Mount the Sanden mini compressor “High and Tight.”

For LS engines with Truck/SUV (1999-2013) and Camaro (2010-15) crank pulley and water pump spacing.

A narrow AC bracket that mounts the “mini” Sanden SD7B10 (7176) compressor in front of the passenger’s side cylinder head.
The system is driven by one main 6-rib serpentine belt.

This configuration is perfect solution for LS swaps in:

  • Early trucks (pre-1955)
  • Jeeps
  • Classic street rods (pre1948)

Adobe pdf FileDownload Installation Instructions (Adobe pdf File)

What's included:
  • Bracket made of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum (brushed satin finish)
  • All necessary spacers and zinc coated fasteners
  • Automatic spring-style belt tensioner
What else is required to complete the installation:
  • GM LS Gen 3 or 4 engine with Truck/SUV (1999-2013) or Camaro (2010-15) harmonic balancer and water pump
  • Six-rib belt, See our included installation instructions for suggested lengths and Gates part numbers.
    • Alternator rating and PS pulley diameters can change suggested lengths.
    • Always check tensioner marks for correct fitment.
  • Vintage Air “mini” AC compressor (also known as SD7B10)
  • View the SD7B10 (7176) AC compressor: (Kwik Performance PN 10266-01).
  • This AC compressor also requires a manifold style fitting kit
Why you should use a Kwik Performance product:
  • Properly engineered using OEM reference drawings
  • Computer tested with FEA (finite element analysis) software
  • Field tested on shop test engines and in real-world test vehicles
  • Backed by a no-hassle warranty and return policy
  • Tech support before, during and after the sale
Does the Sanden mini make enough cold air?
  • The short answer is yes!
  • A proper capacity AC condenser is the real hero keeping you cool when it’s hot out there.
  • The few exceptions to this would be 1960’s and later Suburbans and Station Wagons
    • Here is where you should start considering the larger compressor
Why relocate the AC compressor for an LS swap?
  • GM made a fantastic engine with the LS design, but they didn’t always put the accessories in the best location for us engine-swapping hotrodders.
    By locating the AC compressor in front of the passenger side cylinder head you solve the possible fender and frame clearance issues with vehicles such as:
    • Early trucks
      • Chevy Master (1933-42)
      • AK series (1941-47)
      • Advance Design (1947-55)
    • Jeeps
    • Early street rods (pre 1948)
Why use a Vintage Air AC compressor?
  • Many OEM AC compressors are a “variable displacement” design and don’t work well with older OEM or aftermarket AC systems
  • The OEM compressors have a 4-groove pulley instead of the 6-groove needed when moving the compressor to a higher location
  • Vintage Air uses both Sanden and TCCI (Vue)
  • Sanden is the aftermarket standard for AC compressors, recommended by most major AC manufacturers
  • "TCCI (Vue) is a Tier 1 OEM supplier whose quality is identical to Sanden and in the opinion of Vintage Air interchangeable."
    -Rick Love, President, Vintage Air
What driver’s side bracket works with this AC bracket?

Teams up perfectly with our narrow Street Rod alternator/power-steering bracket K10209

Teams up perfectly with our Wide Mount alternator/power-steering bracket K10168

  • Check dimensions for fender clearance if application is early Truck or Street Rod.

Works with your OEM alternator/power-steering bracket

  • LS Truck (1999-2013)
  • Camaros (2010-2015)

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