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LS Truck Idler Relocation

LS Truck Idler Relocation

Item# K10618

Product Description

Idler relocation kit for LS truck engines (4.8, 5.3, 6.0, 6.2).

This kit allows low-profile passenger car intake manifolds to be used with the OEM truck alternator/power steering bracket..

The lower throttle body location on passenger car intakes (LS1, LS2, and LS3) and aftermarket high performance intakes (FAST, MSD, etc.) interferes with the OEM truck idler pulley. It also causes interference with the stock truck water pump. The solution is to cut off the OEM idler support and mount a new idler underneath the alternator. This will also change the belt routing, further eliminating interference.
This kit can be used with Kwik Performance AC compressor brackets, K10472 wide-mount or K10291 high-and-tight. This kit also works with a factory LS3 Camaro belt tensioner (see more info below) mounted in the stock location on the LS3 Camaro water pump.

Adobe pdf FileDownload Installation Instructions (Adobe pdf File)

What's included:
  • New idler pulley
  • Zinc coated fastener
  • Machined tubular pulley support post
What else is required to complete the installation:
  • Stock truck alternator/power steering bracket modified by removing the idler pulley support area. See installation instructions for more details.
  • An LS3 Camaro water pump (2010-2015). Truck water pumps will interfere with either a drive-by-cable or drive-by-wire throttle body on low-profile intake manifolds. The late Camaro water pump has the upper outlet exiting the front of the pump on the driverís side and maintains correct belt spacing with truck harmonic balancers, alternators and power steering pumps. View the LS3 Camaro water pump here: 45013wt
  • An LS3 Camaro tensioner (if not being used with Kwik Performance AC K10472 or K10291). Gates part# 39334
  • A new belt is required and a belt length chart is included in the installation instructions.
  • Complete Gates belt chart available here. GATES BELT CHART
You might be interested in this alternative:
  • Kwik Performance Alt/PS (P-series) bracket (K10611) mounts your truck alternator in the stock location. The power steering pump is tucked in tighter to give greater clearance of A-arms and steering boxes. This achieves the same clearance advantage of smaller pulley on the PS pump without over-spinning the pump. As an added bonus, it moves the attached metal reservoir as well, unlike a pulley swap alone. It requires no cutting of factory bracket and we think the 6061 aluminum construction looks better.
Why you should use a Kwik Performance product:
  • Properly engineered using OEM reference drawings
  • Computer tested with FEA (finite element analysis) software
  • Field tested on shop test engines and in real-world test vehicles
  • Backed by a no-hassle warranty and return policy
  • Tech support before, during and after the sale

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