7176 Air Conditioner Mini-Compressor

7176 Air Conditioner Mini-Compressor

Item# 10266-01

Product Description

Brand: Vintage Air (Sanden -or- TCCI (Vue)

Model: SD7B10 (7176)

Material: Aluminum

Finish: Natural

Refrigerant: R134a

Pulley: 6 groove

Oil: Pre-filled at factory

Displacement: 6.1 cubic inches per revolution

Max sustained RPM range: 9000

Why use a Vintage Air AC compressor?
  • Sanden is the aftermarket standard for AC compressors, recommended by most major AC manufacturers
  • "TCCI (Vue) is a Tier 1 OEM supplier whose quality is identical to Sanden and in the opinion of Vintage Air interchangeable."
    -Rick Love, President, Vintage Air

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