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BBC (66-93) Early Serpentine Conversion Kit with Crank Pulley Adapter

BBC (66-93) Early Serpentine Conversion Kit with Crank Pulley Adapter

Item# K10473

Product Description

Kit adapts early (pre-1995) SBC V8 / V6 serpentine brackets to your BBC engine.
Includes crank pulley adapter for BBC engines (1966-1993).

Upgrade your Big Block Chevy to an inexpensive serpentine system.
  • These adapter plates let you bolt on OEM SBC serpentine brackets to your BBC engine.
  • Get late model looks, reliability, and performance without the Chevrolet Performance price tag.
  • Fits standard and tall deck engines.
Donor truck OEM bracket groups:
  • 1990-1995 Full Size Trucks: V8 5.7L, V8 5.0L, and V6 4.3L
  • 1987-1995 S10 Pickups and S10 Blazers: V6 4.3L
Adobe pdf FileDownload Installation Instructions (Adobe pdf File)

Adobe pdf FileBig Block Spotters Guide (Adobe pdf File)

What’s included:
  • Adapter plates made of 6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum (brushed satin finish)
  • CNC machined crank pulley adapter
  • Zinc coated fasteners
    • Bolts for adapter plates AND to attach OEM brackets included
    • Both 3/8 and 7/16 bolts are included for the passenger side head, since the holes vary for different years
What else is required to complete the installation:
  • GM BBC engine (1966-1993)
    • 366, 396, 402, 427, 454, 502, 572
  • AC and Alt/PS aluminum drive brackets off of a GM Truck engine listed above.
    • The brackets should include the idler and tensioner.
  • Air conditioner compressor (from donor vehicle)
    • Note: A good reason to use a 1994 and up compressor is that the compressor will use R134a refrigerant.
  • Alternator (from donor vehicle)
  • Power Steering Pump(from donor vehicle)
  • A smooth water pump pulley is required (GM part number 10085760 or 19418445)
    • Donor engines should have the correct pulley. (The pulley with flanges does not work)
    • View the Water Pump Pulley: (Kwik Performance PN 19418445).
  • A reverse rotation water pump off of a 1988-1999 454 engine.
    • This is considered a "long" pump and is 7 5/16" from block to fan mounting surface.
    • View the Gates replacement Water Pump: (Kwik Performance PN 44030).
  • A small-block crankshaft pulley (from donor vehicle)
    • Donor engine didn't come with crank pulley? We've got you covered: SBC Crank Pulley: (Kwik Performance PN 10085754).
  • Six-rib belt, See our included installation instructions for suggested lengths and Gates part numbers.
    • Complete Gates belt chart available here. GATES BELT CHART
    • Alternator rating and PS pulley diameters can change suggested lengths.
    • Always check tensioner marks for correct fitment.
    • A tall deck engine will require a belt that is about 1" longer.
  • A new thermostat housing may be needed to allow the upper radiator hose to clear the alternator.
    • The Chevelle shown is using a swivel-neck housing.
    • Upper radiator hose will probably need to change, but your vehicle's stock big-block lower hose, should work.
Don't want to run AC? Here is the adapter to do that!
  • View the SBC AC Delete pulley: (Kwik Performance PN 34152).

  • Why you should use a Kwik Performance product:
    • Properly engineered using OEM reference drawings
    • Computer tested with FEA (finite element analysis) software
    • Field tested on shop test engines and in real-world test vehicles
    • Backed by a no-hassle warranty and return policy
    • Tech support before, during and after the sale

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